Helpful “To Do” List

I use this list as a low pressure to do list. It’s working and easy.

You break down every day tasks into small, manageable, pieces and put one or two pieces into the “Important”- “If Able” slots. You put the full task IE: Clean Kitchen, in the “Challenge” slot. Then you give yourself permission to only complete the “Important” task and still feel good about what you did.  It helps and most days I can do the “Next” and even the “Third” slots.  As you can see, I also use this form to keep track of the meds I need to take.  Hope this will be helpful to someone.

Today I Will


Medication AM/ Afternoon:

                                                            At         :      AM /   PM             :           AM /PM

                                                            At         :      AM /   PM             :           AM / PM

                                                            At         :      AM /   PM             :           AM / PM

                                                            At         :      AM /   PM             :           AM / PM

                                                            At         :      AM /   PM             :           AM / PM


To Do:


Important:                                                                                     O


Next:                                                                                             O


Third:                                                                                            O


If Able:                                                                                          O


Challenge:                                                                                    O



Medication PM:


                                                            At            :           PM      

                                                            At            :           PM      

                                                            At            :           PM      

                                                            At            :           PM      

                                                            At            :           PM      


~ by lostsul on July 26, 2012.

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