Helping Hands

For those of you who don’t know, my Bi-Polar deppression became more than I could bear. I have checked myself into an inpatient facility called PRC-West, which is located in Peoria, AZ, and is run through a non-profit organization called Recovery Innovations of Arizona. I am writing this from what they call “The Living Room”. I have a lot of personal freedom, access to the internet and a phone, and am treated like a real person. My favorite part about PRC-West is that the majority of the staff are “Recovery Coaches”, which means, they are peers who have had to struggle with the same demons that myself and the other “Guests” here have to struggle with. I am starting to feel better. They have precribed medications for me that should be relatively affordable, even without inssurance, so I can continue taking them when I leave. They have group therapy meeting every couple of hours. They are helping me help myself through the process required to get back on AHCCCS, the state run insurance. I am so impressed with how kind, curteous, and helpful the “Recovery Coaches” are that I believe I will see about taking the training to become one myself, once I have recovered.  Long story short, I’m doing better and if you or a loved one needs inpatient care in AZ, check out the facilities run by RIAZ.


~ by lostsul on July 18, 2012.

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